Event Meditation Alt 2015-12-10a

welcome to this event meditation
let’s begin by bringing ourselves to a relaxed state of mind
accept where you are now
notice your breath
and feel what you feel
let go of anything that doesn’t serve you in this moment

if you notice any distractions, feelings, or thoughts, just let them be, and return your focus to your breath

with this meditation we intend to speed up the process that brings forth disclosure and the event

let’s connect with each other, and visualize a beam of light above our head, in our soul star chakra, that merges with everyone participating right now
feel it strongly, growing and expanding

feel this connection expanding into a massive, collective beam of light
enveloping the entire planet

notice how this light expands into the earth energy grid, and connects with the soul star chakra of every sentient being

feel a connection with all of these beings, both above, on, and below the surface of this beautiful planet

now visualize all beings involved in this earth situation, now being harmonized with the collective intention of manifesting disclosure and the event

feel the joy, that inspires this manifestation so that it will happen sooner

feel all of the positive emotions, that bring this forth in a graceful manner

and notice that this mutually beneficial outcome is inevitable

now focus on the core of separation, that is present in this world
this separation has taken on various forms that serve as a hostage mechanism to keep the old control structure in place

visualize how all of these forms, including the plasma strangelet and toplet bombs, being harmlessly removed or dismantled

and visualize all of these negative esoteric weapon technologies being exposed, and then being removed effortlessly

now visualize full disclosure taking place
imagine massive amounts of information being released through the mass media

information about the extraterrestrial presence

about our extraterrestrial origins, and heritage

as well as the secret space programs that have been in place for a long time

having cleared the space for information to flow more freely, visualize the event finally taking place, liberating our beautiful planet
imagine an impulse from the galactic central sun lighting up this world in a way that has never happened before

feel this deeply inside yourself, and notice how this feeling takes place in the world around you

imagine things taking place, that are out of this world, now being in this world

including transformational situations, beautiful experiences, remarkable emotions, magnificent sensations and divine connections

appreciate yourself for your choice to contribute and participate in this beautiful way
thank you for joining us, together here with so many beautiful beings of light

thank you