Dear One,

We greet you in this time of great change with an energetic impulse of a Divine caress.
You are asking who we are.
We are beings from far away and nearby yet the same.
Our origination in this Galaxy is from the Galactic Central Sun.
But we were quick, curious and excited to explore and ventured out as far as we could, into the remote reaches of space.

Originally we are beings of a singular energy that is characterized by purity and innocence, and have ventured through different Galaxies through this energy.
You could call our energy as “old” or “ancient” as it is an energy that has existed since before the creation of this Galaxy.
We are often referred to as the nameless ones and in many incarnations deal with the difficulty of having to find a suitable name for our form that can never accurately capture the spaceousness of our beingness.

We travel to spaces that are foreign and new, coming into contact with energies that are very different from most energies in the Galaxy.
Our interaction with this diversity of energies has given us the experience and resilience to deal with any situation.
Our curiosity and zest for exploration is only surpassed by our high sensitivity.
We are always strongly affected by everything around us and enjoy showing others the gentile nature of this Divine virtue.

On Earth we are one of many beings that share the role of keeping the energy of purity and innocence intact.
This is our most Sacred task and our Divine devotion.
It is our wish to see the Galaxy united within this energy and returned to its pristine condition.

Like many other beings, many times during each cycle, we come together in groups large and small, to infuse this realm with light of the gentle vibration, to allow those that have lost their way to receive the energy of humility, mercy, acceptance and kindness.
At the end of every cycle we come together to celebrate our accomplishments and together create a wave of light that brings harmony and balance back to this Celestial realm.

We encourage you to remember Your true Origin, for it is You who has embarked on this mission of Sacredness from Your Expression of “who you are”.
In essence we are not different from anything or anyone else, yet at some point in the exploration of creation we chose to remain in this pristine state of energetic harmony.
We welcome you always into our sphere of energy and share our infinite love with you forever.