i would say that God designs the eternal blueprint of our divine spark, from which we spawn our own space, in which we can create and recreate our own being time and time again, to meet our need for exploring existence

i have long witnessed our world being shrouded by a veil of forgetfulness and separation
one of my favorite metaphores is that this veil is the gift wrapping that hides our light inside
in this manner, life is a gift, a surprise, waiting to be unwrapped

i noticed that many people have been told that they have to cherish the gift, but they may not touch it, and must keep it under the xmas tree forever
some even have to build walls around the gifts
it’s like “saving money for later” … “withholding your light”

only a few people dare to break the rules, and touch the gift wrapping, and actually unwrap it … the whole world around them screams and shouts: “don’t open it! it’s dangerous! you can’t do this! you don’t know what’s in there!” … but everyone who goes through with it find the true treasure, that which has always been present inside, waiting to be unveiled … and indeed, then, for all to be seen and enjoyed … since all those who have unwrapped the gift of their own heart, are an inspiration to the world ❤

i may see light where others do not … yet i find myself in a prison still … feeling bound by my own inability to see clearly … and i feel what is needed for me is the courage to create more space for myself … and i feel heart friends and soul mates can help me with this greatly … showing me the contrast, as well as the inspiration needed … a mutually uplifting experience that brings all of us into a clear perspective, a way of seeing that by itself lights up the world … because when we see everything as it is, it also instantly changes the choices we make, and all that is then starts morphing its way around us like water folds around the steady rock in a strong stream

may the authenticity of our heart light our way in every moment
and may the effortless courage, inspiration and love from our heart carry us through the moments of insecurity, doubt and fear
so that we may feel unrestricted, unbound and uninhibited in our feelings, thoughts and actions