i usually notice during the day (or during sleep) that “something” is happening …
for example another wave of tingling sensations on my head in the last couple of weeks
and i usually choose to just let it be and open myself without “zooming in” too much
feeling that i’m nurtured and cared for, no matter what may happen

and i feel like these changes or upgrades if you will are done in layers or phases
like something small is modified that allows letting go of something, or to become more receptive to something, or to hold a certain frequency more easily
and every time a modification is done, i feel it serves as a new “platform” so to speak, on which any future upgrades can be “built”
like a cumulative enlightening (or remembering) process

i’m feeling at the moment that this is a process where all of us humans are being prepared for more easily seeing the loving space that surrounds us at all times …
and in so doing creates a greater ease to familiarize ourselves again with all the more subtle layers of reality
i feel that this inevitably leads to us remembering or grounding our light more here in physicality while at the same time reconnecting ourself with all the higher expressions of ourselves, in various densities of existence
also creating a much easier flow (less resistance) when we humans interact with each other, and allowing for greater transformations to take place in a shorter amount of ‘time’, and enabling the introduction of seemingly ‘foreign’ concepts that can then also fully ground in this earthly realm once more 🙂